Gangs Of Stockholm - 2023 / 01 / 04

Gangs Of Stockholm

2023 / 01 / 04

“Gangs Of Stockholm - beyond the headlines” tells the story of Sweden's most lethal conflict in recent years: the brutal war of revenge in the suburb Järva, northeast of Stockholm.

The conflict began in 2015 with an argument over a loot from a robbery. Childhood friends disagreed over participation and shares, and up till today the escalating war has cost over twenty young people's lives. 

“Gangs Of Stockholm - beyond the headlines” examines how gang violence in Sweden arises, and how it can be stopped. The answers to many of the questions can be found in the development in vulnerable areas like Järva. The series depicts how society has failed areas like Järva, and is a story about the consequences of gun violence for the relatives and those who live with the violence in everyday life.

The six episodes series features young criminals, relatives of the victims, police officers, prosecutors, voluntary organizations and residents trying to save their area.

Premieres on SVT January 8th.