The hottest band that never existed - 2022 / 02 / 14

The hottest band that never existed

2022 / 02 / 14

Did you dump the band for a "real job"? That is the question in Nordax's new campaign, developed and produced by Brand New Content.

This spring you will meet Dreamers - A band started by a bank. The campaign consists of films, radio features and will also be seen on display in the subway. 

In the campaign, you will get to know the brand new pop band Dreamers and it's mega-hit: “Jag gör som jag vill” (released on Spotify), written and produced by BNC:s talents Henrik Wahlström and Leo Riggebo, who also directed and played important parts in the films.

For Nordax, the campaign is not only made for great entertainment. It also serves a greater purpose:

- Think of everyone who had to give up their dream over the years. All the bands that have split, all the ingenious business ideas that have not seen the light of day, all the freedom-thirsty freelancers who have locked themselves into a permanent job just to be able to fix housing. Today, you can thankfully get a mortgage even though you do not have a permanent job, which creates fantastic opportunities to be able to work the way you want, says Felix Holfve, CD at Nordax Bank.

The campaign, which on the one hand seems to have been taken directly from the 80's, is also the first with Nordax's new "refreshed" graphic profile. It will roll out in digital channels, outdoors and on the radio and land in a straightforward and clear main message: With us, you can get a mortgage, even if you do not have a full time job.


Music video:


Dreamers in Café Berså:



The hit on Spotify: