Kitchen Talks with IKEA - 2021 / 09 / 08

Kitchen Talks with IKEA

2021 / 09 / 08

To celebrate the many aspects of life at home, IKEA decided to create a digital festival and invite an audience from around the world to experience what real life at home looks and feels like across the globe.

The 24 hours festival takes place online on September 16th and will take the visitor on a journey through several different rooms and experiences. Brand New Content is proud to be the producer of one of them; "Kitchen Talks".

The kitchen table is a sacred place. It’s where we sit down and connect. The ambition with “Kitchen Talks” is to create an entertaining, insightful and inspiring conversation series with interesting guests who share their thoughts on different topics such as ”circularity”, ”air”, ”space” and ”play”.

–  We are very happy for the opportunity to produce these inspiring talks to a worldwide audience. We have enjoyed working with the great team at IKEA and to be a part of this unprecedented digital event, says Klas Lindberg, who served as the executive producer from BNC.

The full cast of ”Kitchen Talks” is yet to be disclosed but the list includes prominent guests and experts such as Olympic gold medalist Carolina Klüft, former astronaut Christer Fuglesang and adventurer Renata Chlumska.

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About #IKEAFestival

Tune into #IKEAFestival, a home tour around the world. Opening the door to new experiences, from concerts to cook-offs to makeovers – all staged in everyday homes. No tickets or registration needed, just save the date – 16 September!

With the Festival, IKEA will use it’s voice and presence across +60 markets to offer a global arena/platform of sparking conversations on engaging topics like sustainability and play, shared experiences from the many aspects of home and entertaining moments of music, people and food. Basically it´s about coming together around topics that are important in everyday life at home. The ambition is to make this a broadcast journey across the world which will be interesting for a broad audience.