Typiskt Romer!

New reality series: Typiskt Romer!

2023 / 04 / 13

Meet multi-tasker Louie Marti and his girlfriend Magdalena Graaf in this six episodes reality series, as Louie decides to show his fiancee the culture, customs and everyday life of the Romani people. 

Louie is Spanish romani from the Kelderash group. He grew up in Rinkeby with his parents and siblings, worked his early years as a painter and cook and also has a background in the motorcycle club Hells Angels. Six years ago, Louie left the club and started a bed and breakfast hotel outside Norrtälje, while also working as an actor and filmmaker. 

Louie's colorful background and Magdalena's curiosity and desire to learn everything about her fiance’s background, gives the viewers who are not particularly familiar with the Romani group a unique opportunity to learn more in an easily digestible way. And those who watch the show mostly driven by curiosity in the Marti/Graaf relationship will also get a lot of aha-experiences.

“Typiskt Romer!” premieres on UR Play and SVT April 19th.