Live Date

Brand New Format: Live Date!

2019 / 09 / 22

Live Date is a brand new original format that premieres on Viafree Sweden September 23rd. 

Live and direct, from cozy restaurant SQ in Stockholm, eight TV personalities goes out on four dates each, four days in a row, with their lovelorn single applicants. 

Hundreds of singles have applied to get a date with their favorite TV stars. Then, our headline of the week has picked three of the dates. The forth is selected by a friend or a family member.

To help our love seeking turle doves in the jungle that is the dating scene, our host and "Amor" of the Show - Ola Lustig - helps the couples with hints and guidance so that at the end of the week, there’s two less singles on the streets.

It’s 100% romantic, it's 100% real, it’s 100% live - It’s 100% Live Date!

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2018 / 12 / 17

(For summary in english, see below)

Den 10 december tilldelades Doktor Dennis Mukwege Nobels fredspris för sitt arbete på Panzisjukhuset i DR Kongo. Sedan invigningen 1999 har mer än 50 000 kvinnor och barn som utsatts för sexuellt våld fått vård av Doktor Mukwege och hans personal.

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Fotbollsgalan 2018

Fotbollsgalan 2018

2018 / 11 / 27

Once again, Brand New Content had the honour of producing the prime time national live event "Fotbollsgalan" on behalf of TV4 and the Swedish National Football Association. 

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Another True Crime Success from BNC - 2018 / 09 / 03

Another True Crime Success from BNC

2018 / 09 / 03

Following up on last year’s enormous SVT success ”The Helicopter Robbery” - now sold in three countries - Brand New Content August 30 launched a new true crime series for NENT and TV3. 

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