Live Date

Live Date awarded Most innovative format of the year

2020 / 08 / 28

Brand New Content scored big at tonights televised Kristallen Awards in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Brand New Content original format "Live Date" was awarded the prestigious Kristallen in the category "Most innovative format".

"Winning this Prize is a fine recognition of the creative excellence and the power of execution that we hold so dear at Brand New Content. I am proud of the team and would also like to credit and say thanks to NENT who is commissioning "Live Date", says Anders Sundberg.

Apart from “Live Date”, Brand New Content was also nominated in the category “Documentary of the year” for the successful true crime series “Svenska Fall”, produced for Viaplay.

"Kristallen" is the Swedish equivalent of the "Emmy Awards" and tonights show was produced by Brand New Content for the third consecutive year.


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