Smoothie Shopping! - 2021 / 06 / 09

Smoothie Shopping!

2021 / 06 / 09

While most banks try to help people create better financial situations through budgets and dry advice from men in suits, Brand New Story and Nordax bank has a different approach.
A dude in a smoothie.

Nordax Bank, a Swedish niche bank that offers loans for people who don’t have traditional employment status, is starting to see the downside of the new possibilities with online shopping. With more and more credit companies offering the possibility to split payments, of any kind of purchase, many Swedes find themselves in a hard to get out of-debt. To urge people to think twice before they click “buy”, the bank now launch a quite unconventional spokesperson, a dude in a smoothie. 

The concept is co-developed and produced by Brand New Story.

- Smoothie Man just wants people to make a smoothie before they buy stuff online. If you take a step back, make a smoothie, and then still want that stuff in your cart, then maybe it’s actually a good buy. But if you realise while making that strawberry smoothie that you don’t really need that fitbit or that neon pink coat, then you took the opportunity of not making an unnecessary purchase. Smoothie Man, and Nordax Bank, just want people to reflect a little bit about what and how they buy stuff online, so less people end up in credit debt, says Hanna Belander, CMO at Nordax Bank.

- As always, Nordax let the inhouse team and our team at BNC to be bold, creative and go a bit nuts. We had a lot of fun working with this one, says Klas Lindberg, Producer and CEO at Brand New Story

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